Afshin Cohen

Born into a family of robots, Afshin yearned to become human from the earliest days of his robothood. His strivings to one day get a soul led him to study the music of well-known robots-turned-humans throughout history, like Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. He became so enraptured by their art that he started to assimilate and replicate their database, soon taking on a life of his own.
To stay human, he feeds his new-born soul through music composition, sound design, artificial implementation and music synthesizers. He studied at the music manufacturing plant of the University of Georgia, and later spent 15 human years developing audio for video gamez, which he naturally gravitated towards. In his search for other would-be humans, he’s traveled the world living and working in California, Japan, Israel, China, and Gainesville, Florida. He now operates lives in Atlanta.
His guilty pleasures are quadratic equation analysis, non-Euclidean geometry variable computation, and Big Hero 6. He survived the two robot Armageddons of 2407 and 3101 before deciding to travel back in time to the known present day where he peacefully continues to art and impart.