Eric Lorenz

From an early age, Eric kept hearing beautiful sounds in his head and has been trying to get them out into the world ever since. With a little musical therapy, acoustic explorations, and a failed exorcism, Eric decided that he will have to live with the sounds in his head and try to harvest them for creative inspiration.
In order to control and channel these noises, he went to art school in Savannah, GA to study Sound Design and Music Composition to understand the origins and wishes of these sounds. He began experimenting with them by recording, designing, mixing, and modulating for both linear and non-linear mediums. He studied all of the other great professionals who also heard similar sounds in their head to gather their wisdom and philosophies. A bit of an outsider, he would get kicked out of parties for insisting on bumping 4’33” by John Cage or the musical stylings of his dish washer. His favorite frequency is 30kHz, and he constantly tries to pitch up his recordings to find the hum of the Earth rotating.

Eric began working at Wabi Sabi Sound in the summer of 2015, where he has worked on many titles, including The Witness, Destiny 2, SOS: The Ultimate Escape, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and many more. He continues to push the boundaries of what he can use sound for, and how to craft perfect moments. Needless to say, the sounds in his head are pleased and proud of him.