Game Sound Designer Position – Mid to Senior Level – Contract

application deadline 2/28/21


Andy here from Wabi Sabi Sound.  We need you.  Well, that is if you rock at this stuff below.  Take a look:

Project Description
We are mid-development on a super saucy post-apocalyptic online P-v-P-v-E team based coopetition shooter with mutant bears.   The dev team you will join is very – everything.  Top level talent, track record for days, and cool (ie work hard, go home).

The game is announced and in closed beta.

Check it out-

The Audio Team:

Wabi is vertically integrated into our client’s team.  We are one with them.  This requires us to have creative skills AND technical skills AND fabulous people skills.  The Scavengers audio team is 1 Audio Director/Designer, 2 Sound Designers, 1 audio programmer with an outsourced composer and casting partner.  Our designers have areas of ownership, but we support each other based on milestone needs.  We’re small and agile.


The Role:

Depending on the skills you bring to the table, you could be doing weapons, dialog integration, foley, ambiences, music integration, creatures, UI etc.  As I mentioned, we are already in closed beta so all of these systems are in place with reasonably decent base content.  We are gearing up for our final push and as VFX, Weapon Skins, MoCap, level design, characters and UI get their next round of updates we’d like someone to run with a few of these categories.



Do you know Perforce well?

Do you know Unreal testing and basic BP workflows well?

Do you know Wwise well?

If no-ish on any of these then sorry this opportunity probably isn’t for you.


If yes to all three, here are some other things to know. 

The team works remotely using Slack.

You will need a solid gamer PC. i7, gtx 1080, 32gigs of ram, ssd drives at least.  If you don’t have this, I might be able to send you one.  Let me know in your email.

You can work in any DAW you want.  Most existing sessions were made in Nuendo or Reaper, so that’s a plus if you know those.

We primarily use Wabi Sabi Sound’s proprietary sfx library.  We take this case by case…but we try to stay away from commercial libraries as much as possible.  If sound design for you is using already designed libraries…then this might not be for you.

We have a daily audio team huddle/playtest at 10:31 am EST.  (GMT-4)


Time Frame:
Start: ASAP
End: June 2021

(roughly 4 months)
In general, Wabi is looking for more partners.  If this contract goes well, there WILL be more.

If you’re interested, GREAT!  Please do the following:

Email your resume to:  [email protected]
Write us something about your experience with Unreal, Wwise and Perforce.
List your top game audio ninja skills…things you enjoy and feel really good at.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Please reach out to me with any questions.
andrew (at) wabisabisound (dot) com