Interview with Ori and the Blind Forest Audio Director, Andrew Lackey

Earlier this year, Sam Hughes caught up with Sound Designer, Andrew Lackey, about his work on Ori and the Blind Forest. They also discuss his previous work on amazing titles such as The Matrix Trilogy as well as the recent release, The Witness and more!

Andrew is an award winning sound designer and audio director with over 90 game, film and trailer credits. Andrew’s work is prevalent in game and film projects like the Dead Space Trilogy, The Matrix Trilogy, Ori and the Blind Forest, Spore, BioShock 2, 8 Mile and Treasure Planet. Andrew’s 17 year career began in Hollywood doing sound effects for film. Six years later Andrew transitioned video game sound designer with EA in San Francisco. In 2008, Andrew founded Wabi Sabi Sound to provide big studio production values to projects of all sizes.

You can also read more about The Witness and its audio in this Gamasutra Article.

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