Matthew Wesdock

Matt discovered the universe of sound through his electric guitar some years ago. Instead of writing songs and playing in bands, he explored the wild side of signal processing by trying to make his guitar sound like… not a guitar. Alongside this experimentation, he played way too many PC games and enjoyed modding the family computer with a hacksaw. After years of getting lost in signal chains, aftermarket heatsinks, and odd DAWs, he decided to make his love of sound official and headed south to the Savannah College of Art & Design to pursue a degree in Sound Design. After graduating, he worked as an audiobook editor, local live sound mixer, and freelance game audio dude. An interest in web design led Matt to create a (now defunct) blog aimed at game audio analysis and critique, which caught the eye of Wabi. A few plates of ATL BBQ later, and he found himself diving into a world of game audio at Wabi Sabi Sound. Currently, he flexes his gear nerd muscles as facilities manager at Wabi, where he finds joy in keeping the computer overlords happy. Outside of Wabi, Matt enjoys tabletop games, reading existential graphic novels, and being really bad at DOTA.