Andrew Beck

Programmer, designer, entrepreneur, audio hacker, Andrew Beck has had a varied career inside and outside of video games. A self-taught programmer from age 12, he created synthesizers and alternative musical interfaces for friends and professors at Berklee College of Music in Boston while working at the Georgia Tech Research Institute during the summers. He developed cutting-edge audio processing for small devices while getting his Masters degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, building physical musical toys used in music education and a composition commissioned by the Harvard Fromm Music Foundation, and wrote a chapter in the definitive book on audio programming published by MIT Press. His work at Georgia Tech led to a patent and a startup that had early success on the original iPhone App Store. Andrew then worked at CCP Games on a variety of projects and roles, working on audio, prototyping UX, controller/hardware debugging, production and various other mercenary tasks. After CCP, Andrew started a game company, working on a point and click adventure game while CTO at a Brooklyn-based B2B software firm, whose work includes backends for startups, large multi-device installations for on-site sales experiences, apps for video and taxi services, VR experience, and many more. Today, Andrew is working on an audio-related startup and works with Wabi Sabi Sound to provide technical expertise to their services.